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When buying goods from Amazon is it possible to mark the shipment as a “gift”?

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—so many different special occasions mean that many more opportunities to delight your customers with a special gift message! Fortunately, Amazon has a gift message option that allows you to easily include messages and bestow “gift status” to any order.

About Gift Orders

You can send items as gifts when they’re fulfilled by Amazon or from selected Amazon Merchants. And here is a concrete example:

Make it as a gift from Sofia's Store

Marking your item as a gift allows you to:

  • Include a packing slip so the recipient knows who it’s from.
  • Hide prices on the packing slip.
  • Include a personalized gift message.
  • Add optional gift wrap.

The gift message will be printed on the packing slip. If you have added gift wrap, the packing slip will be placed in an envelope marked “Don’t spoil the surprise”. The name and address you provide as the shipping address will appear on the packing slip. If your gift order includes items intended for different recipients, make sure you enter a gift message for each item. The recipient will also be able to use the packing slip to return an item if necessary.

If you choose not to gift-wrap the item (or the item can’t be wrapped), the gift message will be printed on the packing slip. Some items can’t be wrapped because of their unusual size, weight or shape. Often, these items will arrive in their original packaging. When this is the case, it will be noted during the checkout process. You may mark “Ship in Amazon box” on the checkout page (if available) if you don’t wish to reveal the contents. If that option is selected the item will be shipped in an Amazon.com box at no additional cost.

Purchased gift items won’t determine the recommendations we give you, and items you order from a registry or Wish List will be marked as purchased so the recipient doesn’t receive a duplicate gift. If you gift a Kindle, the recipient can register the Kindle to their own account when it arrives.

Gift List Shipping

If you create and share a Gift List for this person, when others purchase items from the list they can choose to have us ship the gifts to the address you select. The full address will remain confidential.

Assign a Gifting Address

Assigning a Gifting Address will allow Friends & Family to send gifts to your designated address without needed to enter the address at checkout.

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