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User Guide for the Sock Slider Easy on & Easy off Kit

Sock-Aid kit: Put On Your Socks With Just One Hand

The Sock Aid is designed to make putting on your socks simple and hassle-free! All you have to do is slide the sock onto the Sock Aid, set it on the ground, and slip your foot inside.

A design of 2018 assists you in getting your socks on and taking them off, independently. This is a device for anyone with mobility issues.

Although Sock aid is easy to use, it might take some time finding the most comfortable way to use it. Please be patient, take your time, and if necessary, try to use a different chair or different socks. Once you get used to this, your quality of life is going to change…

What you will need

A chair with accessible legs your socks. Socks should be clean and dry. For best results It is recommended to use socks that are no longer than 10” length (heel to top). Preferably use cotton or woolen socks. The Sock Aid kit is less effective with thin nylon socks and will not work with nylon stockings.

How to use sock aid easy on easy off kit

Attach the handle to the base by pressing the button, until it clicks. The Sockee device is now ready for use.

How to use sock aid kit

How to use sock aid kit

To see the video guide, please click HERE.

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Where To Buy Sock Aid Kit

Trusted by 200 customers Sofia’s 2018 Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid Kit has been selling on the Amazon.com marketplace since 2016. They sell products from Preston Inc, Rolyn Prest, SOCK AID EASY OFF, SOCK AID EASY ON and SOCK AID EASY ON & EASY OFF KIT, and other brands. They have several dozen products in stock, some of them are fulfilled by Amazon, but most are shipped from their wahouse in OH, United States.

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  1. a useful stuff i have ever seen . i really want it for my mom and grandmom.

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