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Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors – Happiness is Homemade

This the season to start thinking about Christmas gift giving! I know it appears early, however it you’re the sort WHO likes to provide do-it-yourself gifts, then you may have already started! I love giving little gifts to friends, neighbors and faculty workers. Each year it appears to be tougher and tougher to return up with artistic gift concepts for Christmas, so I’ve gathered up a bunch of my favorites right here. These square measure all cheap gifts for Christmas and a few square measure extremely straightforward DIY comes. But they’re all lovable and bound to be fair-haired by their recipients!

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Friends & Neighbors

101 Top Cookie Recipes: Delicious & Easy + FREE GIFT

In this cookbook, delicious and easy cookie recipes with accompanying photos are organized by type – it comes in handy when you need to select the best recipe for a special occasion.

101 top cookie recipes - take a break bake

You will find:

  • 101 best step-by-step cookie recipes you can ever find, organized by type, so that you can easily find one for your special occasion
  • Mouth-watering photos, author’s secret tips and more
  • Specially for beginners: Essential Baking Tips section is dedicated to the baking basics – it answers all the most frequent questions of newbie bakers and tell you how to avoid the most common mistakes.

2. Woodstock Amazing Grace Wind Chime

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 1

If you’re looking to welcome a new neighbor into your community, the gift of this lovely wind chime will really touch their heart. The tinkling aluminum tubes chime together to play one of the most beloved hymns of all times, Amazing Grace. This wind chime features a cherry stained wood top piece and dangle, and at 24 inches long it’s a perfect piece to hang on a covered front porch or back patio.


Does your new neighbor’s house give off more of a beachy vibe? This brilliantly colorful Capiz shell windchime would look gorgeous at their place.

3. The Viking Kubb Lawn Game Set

Kubb is a really fun yard game that’s become a standard at my backyard BBQs, but it’s also a lot of fun to play in the colder months of the year. This game is nice for each children and adults. If you wish a present for a family of active neighbors, offer this small gift an attempt.

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 2

Another way to make new friends in the hood is to invite folks over to play a competitive game of Bocce ball. At less than $30, this set gives you everything you’ll need to have an afternoon of fun.

4. Fred TWO FOR TEA Infuser & Mug Gift Set

Narwhals rule. This is an excellent gift idea for your neighbors WHO like tea, coffee, or cute marine animals. While designed to be used as a tea infuser, you could also put instant coffee or aromatic spices into the infuser. We recommend that you include a little package of coffee or loose leaf tea to take things to the next level, at least for the neighbors you are really close with.

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 3


If you need another gift idea for the neighbor who loves quirky kitchen items, we also love these wacky egg molds.

5. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 4
Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 5


Have neighbors with a new baby, or a baby on the way? This is a thoughtful gift that will ensure everyone’s getting a good night of sleep. They can control it remotely via the easy-to-use Hatch Baby Rest app. Looking for more gift ideas for expectant parents? Consider one thing from our guide to the simplest push presents.

6. Wildlife Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 6

We’re obsessed with these colorful knife sets from Chef’s Vision. Arguably one in all the best gifts for neighbors this year, we love this gift idea for passionate home cooks, wildlife lovers, or both. While they’re a bit higher priced than many of our gifts, they’re a lovely housewarming present for someone you know well. You can conjointly get these knives with landscape scenes or celestial wonders or rainbow. They’re all really beautiful.

In fact, you’re actually giving a gift that will keep your friends and neighbors safe. Did you know sharp knives are actually way safer than dull ones? Check out the facts at Home Ec 101.

7. Jot & Mark Recipe Card Complete Gift Box

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 7

There’s nothing quite therefore personal as sharing your most precious recipes with neighbors and friends. That’s what makes this sweet formula box such an ideal neighbor gift. It comes with fifty formula cards, and fourteen classified dividers. No need to write out all the recipes – just include two or three of your family favorites and let them fill the rest of the box with their own. You can additionally get the formula box by itself for a more cost-effective choice, or just give them a beautiful packet of formula cards with 3 or four already filled out for less than ten bucks.

8. Behrens 2-Gallon Steel Watering Can

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 8

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This neighbourly gift delivers on cool vintage vogue, however succeeds with complete practicality too. This two gallon watering can is made of galvanized steel so it resists rust, and makes it easy to water patio pots and hangers without dragging the hose around the yard. You could aways wrap a big ribbon around the can, and tie a cute pair of garden gloves on as well.

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 9

9. Chemex Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

If you know nothing about your neighbor, but want to get them something nice as a welcome gift or for some other special occasion, it’s hard to go wrong with something coffee-related. Pair this up-market coffee brewing system with a bag of your favorite beans, and your neighbor will become your BFF overnight.

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 10

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Wondering why pour over coffee is such a hot topic these days? This old school method of brewing is actually far more flavorful than the coffee from your electric pot. Don’t believe us? Here’s the word from the experts at The Daily Meal.

10. Bamboo Cutting Board & Utensil Set

Food speaks a standard language, and gifts around food and cookery continuously build well-liked neighbor gifts. With so many options, we think this lovely bamboo cutting board and utensil set is a particularly good choice. First, it’s less than $25, so it makes for a great housewarming gift for new neighbors. But if you decide this is a splurge that’s only worthy for your oldest and best next door friends, be sure to deliver it along with a treasured family recipe handwritten by you.

Inexpensive gifts for friend & neighbors - Happiness is Homemade 11


Thoughtful gifts for neighbors can help mend fences in case you’ve had some trivial tiff and want to apologize.  And if you have had no contact at all with your neighbors, a small and thoughtful gift can help cement what might become a lifelong friendship.

Whether you’re super close with your neighbors, or just want to keep peace in the hood, our gift guide is here to help.

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