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Best Christmas Gift ideas for your boyfriend

If you want a truly warmth Christmas this year, it’s best to heed some old-fashioned advice: Start shopping early. It will lower your blood pressure, eliminate the stress and frustration of scurrying around at the last minute and give you a more relaxed December.

Best of all, you can revel in the smile you put on the face of a loved one as he or she unwraps that special something you’ve chosen. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the Best Christmas Gifts for the techie-types in your life.

What To Get Your boyfriend For Christmas?

Perhaps the best guide for picking the perfect gift is to really think about the individual who will be getting the gift: What does she like? Is this a practical-minded person or someone who treasures things whimsical and lighthearted?

Whatever the criteria, we can help you find something splendid to put under the tree. The free spirits and the techies in your life will be happy indeed if you shop with the following in mind:

  • Thrill

It’s always a delight to receive a gift. Just try thinking as they would, consider their tastes. Then go even further and wonder what they would love to have but would never buy for themselves. Even spending just a few minutes doing this can not only spark fun gift ideas.

  • Benefits

It’s always awkward to watch someone pull an oddball present out of a gift bag and gamely smile while you can see them struggling to find tactful words to say thank you when you know darned well they’re really thinking, “What am I going to do with this?” It’s great, however, to give a gift that utterly delights your loved one.

  • Surprise

One of the joys of the holiday season is that you don’t have to always stick with the script. If you have carefully considered what a particular individual is like, maybe this is the year to give something a bit different.

Genius Gifts for the Guys on Your List

Smart Watch

Boys turn into men the day thet decide to wear a good watch, and this one will make him feel like Mark Zuckerberg: Emails, Facebook notifications, even the score of football game can be displayed on the watch’s screen. Including 2 versions: U.S. Version and International Version at Amazon.com.

W20 16GB Bluetooth Smart Watch GSM Phone for iPhone & Android

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Product description


Introducing Scinex SW20 highest quality Smartwatch. Now you can easily make and answer phone calls whenever you like even when your phone isn’t nearby. You can read and reply to SMS messages, receive notifications like WhatsApp and Emails, and stream your favorite music straight from your smartphone device. Taking photos and videos are easy, and with a 16GB memory capacity, you will have plenty of space for them all.

Use the watch to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Please note that SMS messages, emails, and other notifications will only work when the watch is paired with a smartphone device and MediaTek Smartdevice app is installed.

Scinex SW20 Smartwatch includes many apps and features such as:

– Make phone calls, read/reply to SMS messages (Android and iOS), and receive notifications (Android and iOS)
– Transfer all your contacts, stream music, and choose your custom theme.
– Take photos, videos and record audio directly from your watch.
– Connect headphones via Bluetooth or Micro USB and listen to music.
– 16 GB Memory capacity for all your data such as photos and videos.
– Download additional watch faces with an Android phone
– Set your Alarm, create Calendar events, and use a built-in Calculator.
– Pedometer feature and Sleep monitoring to check the time and quality of your sleep/activity.
– Battery life holds for 2 days with a normal use.

Other features include:

– Touch Screen Size – 1.5 Inch
– 16 GB SD Memory
– Multiple Language Support


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This “little cube” is a video camera and a regular camera, and because of its shape, it can actually stand on its own (you know, like the olden times). So you can put it on a shelf to get cool candid photos of your holiday party.

Polaroid Cube hd - Best gift ideas for boyfriend

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Chanel Cologne

This perfume smells good enough to wear on its own no matter your gender, but if you like a more feminine scent, try layering it with your own perfume à la Mary Kate and Ashley Olson.

Chanel Allure homme sport - Best gift ideas for boyfriend

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Five years after the launch of Allure Homme, Chanel house presented Allure Homme Sport, which came as a fresher and sharper fragrance. The crystal clear beginning introduces notes of water and aldehydes. It is followed by woodsy and spicy character of the fragrance, which thanks to luminous vetiver is not oriental heavy, but light and translucent. The base is composed of sensual white musk, tonka beans and amber.

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Your guy could be hitting up the driving range or training for his first triathlon — either way, these athletic shades will keep him protected from the elements. They’re more durable than aviators and have a secure rubber nose pad if he tends to sweat.

Under Armour meaningful gift ideas for boyfriend

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All-Star Shaving System

His morning routine starts with a good shave, so replace his dollar store bag-o-razors with this heroic gadget. It has three modes (Normal, Sensitive, Intensive) and works wet/dry. Our Lab tessters raved about how its easy use and close shave, sans ingrown hairs. It’s cheap on Amazon.

Electric foil shaver for men

Save now on Braun Men’s Electric shaver

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Pocket Knife

It’s a classic item every man should own — this model is a perfect fit for any outdoor enthusiast, complete with a fish scaler.

Pocket knife - Gift ideas for boyfriend

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