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An easy way to earn money 2018 – Start your online business with MOBE & MTTB 21 step program

What is mobe affiliate

MOBE Review – Quick Summary

Name: My Own Business Education

Founded: In 2011 by Matt Lloyd

Price: $49 + $19.9/month + Upsells up to ~$30,000

Field: High Ticket Online Business/Internet Marketing Training

Please see this for detail…

Summary: MOBE uses a similar strategy like Digital Altitude and other high ticket online business systems. Most similar companies have either been shut down by the officials (because of the shady actions) or they have gone into banktrupcy. Getting involved with MOBE is expensive and risky, in my opinion.

MOBE training is marketed in the following way by Matt Lloyd:

“Buy this 21-step program and you are guaranteed to succeed. If you don’t earn $1,000 or $1,500 within 30 days after completing this training, I will pay you $500 from my own pocket.”

That sounds interesting but also a bit suspicious. Would he really pay $500 from his own pocket? Oh yes, he will.

Do you know why?

If you complete all those 21 steps in MTTB (My Top Tier Business) program, you will need to buy more expensive programs along the way. In step 6 you will pay $2,497 one-time fee + $199 monthly fee (the price varies but it’s at least $1,997). This will give you the access to MLR-training program.

So, as you may have noticed, you need to pay around $2,500 to get that “free” $500. That’s the catch. What do you think about it?

What’s in the 21 Steps training?

I took a keen interest in the training. Having spent years learning my trade as an internet marketer (since 2004 — gulp!), I was very curious to see how they would approach getting a complete beginner to the point where they would be able to go out and make money.

It took me a good couple of years before I made any real money myself. But MOBE seemed to suggest that you could acquire the necessary skills in just two or three weeks, and be able to start making money shortly after.

I must say I was slightly sceptical… (slightly..? I thought it was bloody impossible to tell the truth!).

But I underestimated the depth and the sheer intensity of the training.

This is NOT your normal internet marketing/make money online training course. Far from it.

For a start, you get a personal coach who you speak to every day. They set you work assignments and check that you have completed them satisfactorily before they send you on to the next step.

The training is delivered through a combination of very well-presented video tutorials and written materials. Once you’ve completed a module, you discuss it with your coach and provided you’ve understood it all, you move on to the next module.

This is PROPER training — not some Mickey Mouse course that somebody has thrown together just to have a product to sell.

This training is purpose designed (and designed very well) to actually achieve results for the student, rather than just deliver some knowledge.

What most internet marketing training does wrong, is to concentrate solely on technical skills and techniques.

Sure, you do need these, but actually of all the skills you need to acquire they are the easiest bit. There is nothing intrinsically difficualt about learning how to place a Facebook ad, or setup an autoresponder, or learn the basics of SEO or copywriting.

Actually, you can learn all of these things for free off the internet. All that most Internet Marketing courses do is simply to package it together.

This is very different…

This training teaches you about business strategy and mindset first of all. These, not technical skills, are the MOST important factors in becoming a successful internet marketer.

As one of my favourite authors, Derek Sivers, says “it’s not all about knowledge — otherwise we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs”.

Most people who buy training courses never actually implement what they learned in the course (if they even finished it ) — they just go on to buy another course. And then another…

So the 21 Steps training concentrates on creating the right mindset in the student before getting on to the nitty-gritty technical skills. In fact it’s quite some time before the mundane techy stuff is even mentioned.

You almost think they are never going to get round to it, but they do.

And when they do, that’s good too.

I have to say I am completely blown away by the training. I never use the word ‘awesome’ because I think it’s ridiculously overused (I’m English!), but in this case I think it truly does apply.

I found it completely inspiring, and I learned a huge amount from it even though I wasn’t doing it myself, I was just following ‘X’s progress.

If you seriously want to create any sort of online business, then I highly recommend you take this training — even if you’re not interested in MOBE. The training is frankly ridiculous value, it should be $1,000 or more.

But don’t bother unless you’re serious, and you REALLY want to be successful — it’s way too intensive if you’re just dreaming about itor only casually interested.

You’ve got to want this, and you’re gonna have to work to get through the training. Not too much, just a couple of hours per day, but you’ve got to be mentally prepared to commit that much time for a couple of weeks or so.

About MOBE coaches

I think one of the key things that makes the training so effective is the fact that it includes one-to-one coaching (via Skype calls) with an experienced marketer.

The process of checking that the material has been understood properly (and answering any questions), before the student moves on to new material is what really sets this training apart. And that’s how they get the results they do.

Speaking to different MOBE affiliates, the coaches do vary a bit. Although they all teach basically the same thing, they have differences in emphasis and they way they tackle things.

And of course, just like the students, they all have their own personalities and interests

X had a fantastic coach in the beginning, although he did set quite a high workload, particularly in the amount of extra reading that was required outside of the formal coaching (although apparently not all coaches want you to do that much reading — other people had a different experience).

Nevertheless he was very helpful, and patiently explained things when there were any problems.

X’s second coach (you move on to more senior coaches as you advance through the training) was a different story — neither helpful, nor patient, and in fact bordering on unpleasant. However a quick email to MOBE support resulted in him being replaced by another senior coach who was very good, like the first.

Not every coach suits every person, so apparently changes of coach are not uncommon. If you don’t get on with your coach you can ask for another.

As well as the one-to-one coaching, you also get daily motivation podcasts and the like to keep you going. Although this sounds a bit nauseating (and some of what I heard certainly was!), some of it is pretty cool too and I know a lot of people find it very helpful and inspiring.

Once you’ve finished your 21 Steps, there is then a further follow-up course and coaching on how to promote and get traffic.

This teaches you about creating landing pages with ClickFunnels, setting up autoresponders, and advertising with Facebook amongst other things.

(This is all still for the $49 price tag… ridiculous!).

And then once you’ve completed all that, which will probably take you about two or three weeks, then you’re ready to go out in the big wide world and start putting it all into practice.

And now we come to the bit you’ve been waiting for…


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